Creative Services

Elastic Grid's in-house creative team of copywriters, UX experts, web designers, developers and testers helps you create high-quality nurture campaigns to publish on the Marketplace - delivering results sooner.

A nurture campaign consists of one or more campaign modules. Each module is automatically co-branded for partners and includes a landing page, emails and social media posts. Displayed below are 3 modules, showcasing different asset types: animation, eBook and infographic.

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Lead generating landing pages

Emails and social media posts follow a multi-touch structure, creating multiple opportunities for contacts to reach the landing page, triggering Lead Alerts over time.


Animation drives higher engagement and our team excels in showcasing complex solutions in simple to digest and entertaining animations.

Learn why customers can't get enough of whiteboard animations

We have a decade of experience creating marketing campaigns that achieve results for brands and resellers, large and small.

“The Elastic Grid team is results-oriented. The quality of their work is high, and their creative is unique. They make a real effort to understand our needs and our partners' needs and actively invest that understanding in platform development. It makes for a rewarding working relationship for all involved.”

- Kristina Onyon, Sr. Manager, Partner Demand Generation at NetApp

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