Elastic Grid Marketing Support is provided to partners by Elastic Grid Marketing Specialists (GMS). They're our in-house team of dedicated and certified marketing advisors - each ready to help partners make the most of vendor campaigns and Elastic Grid tools. Leveraging the GMS team resolves poor partner adoption rates, helps with reporting visibility and improves ROI.

Grid Marketing Specialist Packages


The GMS team resolves pain-points along the sales cycle from initial platform training through to closing deals. Elastic Grid offers partner communities either Standard or High-Touch offerings (or a mix of both).


The Standard GMS offering ensures partners get the most from your campaigns and the Elastic Grid platform.


The High-Touch GMS offering includes all Standard services and helps partners leverage your other marketing initiatives.
  • Partner Onboarding
    Standard We will on-board your partners to the platform and get them executing your Grid campaigns.
    Hi-Touch As well as on-boarding your partners to Elastic Grid we get them executing your other partner marketing activities.
  • Elastic Grid Training and Support
    We will educate your partners on how to get the most of their digital marketing campaigns, and offer them the necessary support along the way.
  • Supply of Collateral
    We will supply exisiting sales, training, and enablement collateral to help support partners' demand generation initiatives.
  • Product Placement Training
    Hi-Touch We help partners identify target audiences for each product, and determine the best date and time to launch marketing promotions. We also position marketing materials to support each product's individual sales cycle.
  • Marketing and Sales Best Practices and Trends
    Hi-Touch We provide web-based training around the latest industry trends and best practices.
  • Execute Elastic Grid Campaigns
    For those partners too busy to execute camapigns on their own, we do the heavy lifting by executing campaigns on their behalf.
  • Event Registrations
    Hi-Touch We help manage partners' event registrations by assisting with email invitation launches and attendee follow-up.
  • Telemarketing
    Hi-Touch We will qualify leads on behalf of partners and help turn their leads into appointments.
  • Search Engine Marketing
    Hi-Touch With the help of proven SEM experts, our team helps to coordinate effective paid search campaigns.
  • Lead Progress Follow-Up
    We ensure partners are following up on the leads generated by their Grid campaigns in a timely fashion.
    Hi-Touch In addition to Grid campaign follow-up, we follow up on all other marketing activities in a timely fashion.
  • Pipeline Gathering for Elastic Grid Campaigns
    We follow up with partners on a regular basis to gather valuable pipeline information to help track Elastic Grid program ROI.
  • Pipeline Gathering for Other Marketing Activities
    Hi-Touch We follow up with partners on a regular basis to gather valuable pipeline information to help track ROI for all marketing programs.

Marketing Plans

  • We can tailor the service packages above for individual partners as part of our Marketing Plan service which includes options for Creative Services.
  • Customize Service Options for a specific market, initiative or period.
  • Creative Add-On Options for each service. Learn More about Our Creative Services Team
From Interface,  to Face-To-Face Our improved user interface now offers helpful, personalized and dynamic tips to guide partners along their demand generation journeys. Marketing Specialists help and support partners with everything from Elastic Grid training and campaign on-boarding to strategic marketing guidance. Each member of our team is ready, willing and able to help your partners set up campaigns, strategies and launches. With their permission, we can even run campaigns for your partners. Combining the enhanced user interface with direct Marketing Specialist support for your partners creates a winning experience for you, and your channel community.
Chad Rose, Marketing Advisor, Utah
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Partner Success Stories

Kasi Cruz, Elastic Grid Marketing Specialist, Utah
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Amazon Web Services Campaign Garners tw telecom a 67% Appointment to Lead ratio

"Kasi is just wonderful to work with. She was responsive, gracious, collaborative, and extremely flexible to work with. I hope that I get the opportunity to work with her again." - TW Telecom (United States), Amazon Web Services Partner