Easy for Partners. Powerful for Channels. Elastic Grid is a fully responsive, cloud-based marketing platform that removes complexity and gets results for you and your partners. Request a Demo

Multi-Channel Demand Generation Campaigns

Advanced Marketing Automation

  • Email

    Automated co-branded email workflows for each campaign maximize exposure and lead generation for partners.
  • Social Media

    Automated social media posts help partners generate inbound leads.
  • See How It Works

    See why Elastic Grid Nurture Programs are so easy for partners and powerful for channels to use.

In-House Creative Services

Elastic Grid offers quick to market campaign creative that gets results for you and your partners.

More About Creative Services

Lead Nurture Management

  • Lead Scoring

    Partners receive scored Lead Alerts automatically in their Inboxes, for appropriate follow-up.
  • Built-In CRM

    Lets your partners nurture their leads to close and record all activity per contact and per campaign, easily.
  • Salesforce

    Partners can push Elastic Grid leads nurtured through the simple, built-in CRM system into their Salesforce accounts.
"This campaign has been amazing! I was completely unprepared for the amount of leads that it would generate but I was able to set about 12 phone appointments and 5 in office appointments. The fact that these campaigns are opening doors for me is wonderful." - Amazon Web Services Partner, NAM

Add-On Amplification

Syndicate consistent Product and Social Media content across your channels. Elastic Grid integrates with solutions from Precis and purechannelapps to keep your partners up-to-date.

Partner Portal

Give your partners access to campaigns, assets and third party services through a single pane of glass.

  • Collateral Storage

    Help partners find—and use—relevant sales and marketing collateral. All content is searchable by solution.
  • Events

    House Event and Seminar Kits in your Collateral Library to help your partners hunt for new leads.
  • Webinars

    Syndicate your existing video content in partner co-branded campaigns to extend their reach.
  • Campaigns-2-Go

    Help larger partners leverage Elastic Grid campaigns on their existing marketing platforms with these packaged campaigns.
"Elastic Grid gave Symantec a vehicle to help our partners generate new business. It supplements our field marketing efforts and helps improve the relationship with our partners through enhanced partner experience. For us, Elastic Grid is a key foundational element of our integrated partner marketing demand generation." - Symantec's Partner Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific and Japan

Third-Party Services?

Help partners access your third-party marketing services, like live webinar and event hosting tools. Simply integrate them into your Elastic Grid portal.

Global Support

  • On-Boarding & Education

    Effectively on-board partners and educate them regarding new campaigns and best practices.
  • Follow-Through

    Ensure partners are are using your campaigns, effectively, and following up on leads.
  • Google AdWords / Remarketing

    Help partners reach more prospects by leveraging Google AdWords and Remarketing.
  • Reporting

    Ensure ROI visibility with regular, detailed reporting from the GMS team.

Track Results!

Channel Reporting

Monitor your channel's performance in real-time across campaigns and regions.

Explore Channel Analytics

Partner Level Reporting

Let partners leverage their real-time campaign tracking data to identify new performance improvement opportunities.

Explore Partner Analytics
"Now in its third year, partner adoption rates continue to grow at a significant rate—doubling in the past year. The number of partner appointments resulting from Grid leads is growing at an even faster rate, around 230% year on year." - Kristina Onyon, Sr. Manager, Partner Demand Generation at NetApp