Our People

Creative Services

The entire Creative Services team is excited by the potential of each new campaign, assessing the challenges posed and developing a creative solution that will achieve the best possible results using the Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) platform.

Ivan Engelbrecht

Creative Services Lead

With work experience ranging from managing custom site and application development using an agile approach, through to 3G mobile television streaming service management and client communications, Ivan has successfully worked with large clients and challenging projects during his career. At Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid), Ivan is responsible for managing and facilitating the delivery of digital marketing campaigns on time, on budget and with great attention to detail. Although he enjoys his work, his other passions include wakeboarding, boxing, beach time and game design.

Daniel Lien

Project Manager | Digital Producer

Responsible for planning, coordinating, monitoring, and closing a broad spectrum of digital marketing projects. Daniel has a strong academic background in strategic marketing and management, along with sales and marketing experience in team-driven environments. For recreation he enjoys socializing with friends, and sporting activities like golf, swimming, and playing pool.

Christina Kassimatis

Project Manager | Digital Producer

Christina is one of our Digital Producers. Hailing from London, her background spans from UX design/development and managing custom web solutions, through to video production and photography, among other pursuits. When she's not at work, you'll always find her at a gig or festival, writing, making music or a mean martini (stirred, not shaken) - or planning the next overseas adventure.

Albert Scheiner

Senior Front End Developer

With over 15 years of industry experience, Albert has designed, built and operated a range of commercially successful websites as well as developed web applications for clients in numerous industries. His approach to web development comes from a passion for programming, innovation and technical perfection. He has an extensive understanding of a wide range of programming languages and technologies. He has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to rapidly develop skills in new areas. When not at work, you will often find Albert hanging around a climbing wall or two. Harder than it sounds.

Milos Danilovic

UX/UI Designer

Milos is a UX/UI designer at Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid). Passionate about both print and digital aspects of design, he is always looking at ways to learn more and sharpen his skills. Apart from running his freelancing business on the side, his creative skills are being put to the test at Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) while designing campaigns for some of the biggest brands of the world. When he is not crafting beautiful websites or recognizable branding, you can find him playing some battlefield or thinking of crazy new apps.

Michelle Vuong

UX/UI Designer

With an extensive background in responsive web design, Michelle is responsible for creating client campaign designs, including landing pages, eDMs and animation storyboards. In her spare time, she likes to improve her photography and watercoloring skills.

Andrew O'Neill

Front End Developer/Animator

Andrew unknowingly spent his early life training himself to be an animator by watching hours of cartoons, which he still continues to do to this day. He designs and makes animations, GIFs and produces video content. Andrew describes himself as a Marvel fanboy, sci-fi movie watcher, reformed skateboarder, lover of science and mathematics, internet junkie and more importantly cool t-shirt wearer.

Cameron Dimopoulos

Junior Front End Developer / Designer

Cameron started with Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid) straight out of school, two and a half years ago. He works on a casual basis while completing further studies in Industrial Design. His drawing ability is excellent and is paralleled by his gaming ability.

Damian Seymour

Senior Copywriter/Editor

Damian has many years of experience as a copywriter in both advertising agencies and corporate marketing teams. He has been engaged as a consultant by leading businesses and created numerous successful campaigns for national and multi-national corporations. He writes extensively for B2B and B2C clients across an expansive range of industry sectors.

Silvia Garcia


Former hard-hitting business and finance journalist, Silvia moved into the world of marketing and advertising becoming an all-rounder communications professional. As a writer, editor and creative, she’s always trying to come up with new ideas and clever concepts to create engaging, witty content that gets results for Zift Solutions (formerly Elastic Grid)’s clients. Her writing experience covers technology and IT, financial and professional services, industrials, as well as consumer and lifestyle. When she’s not in the office, she’s busy writing her telenovela, which she hopes one day will turn into a TV show. Sigh.